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Art work of the day! Wood Carved Narragansett Lager. Carved by Rhode Island native, Walter Croft! Isn’t this awesome?!?

TICKETS New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

Just 3 more days till the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival kicks off! Did you get your tickets yet?!

The 1980 sailing can edged out the old school 1940 can in a close contest. Look for a re-release of the Cold War Era beauty sometime next year. And we may not have seen the last of the 1940 can either. Thanks to all for voting!
Day 1 results from ‘Gansett’s Retro Can Madness. Vote for your favorite retro cans at Facebook/com/Narragansettbeer. Check back daily for the results from the match-ups.
'Gansett St. Patrick's Day ad from the 1960's.
Is it Friday yet?
The week is looking better already…
Cheers to the weekend!
Love this vintage-inspired Valentine from The Craft Beer Girl!

Narragansett Beer as an ollie obstacle.
Cheer for the Patriots!